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We are a Pretoria based company rendering the following services:

Preparation and binding of appeal records.  A searchable PDF copy is supplied for every appeal record.  We prepare records of matters that were heard in the following South African Courts: 

  • The Constitutional Court
  • The Supreme Court of Appeal
  • All Divisions of the High Court
  • The Land Claims Court
  • All arbtiration tribunals
  • The Labour Court
  • The Competition Tribunal
  • The Tax Court
  • and more ….

Recording of proceedings throughout South Africa as well as in neighbouring countries.  We have recorded arbitration proceedings as far as Maseru in Lesotho and Gaborone in Botswana.  We make use of digital recording equipment.

Apart from our own recordings, we also transcribe voice recordings that were done digitally. Our transcribers have all been involved in transcribing court proceedings for many years and are au fait with legal terminology.

All our transcribers and recording staff have the required level of expertise to render outstanding service.

Appeal Documents

Having been involved in preparation of appeal records for more than 30 years, we are completely au fait with the rules and requirements of all the courts and arbitration tribunals of South Africa.

We have prepared records for:

  • Constitutional Court of South Africa 
  • Supreme Court of Appeal
  • All Divisions of the High Court of South Africa
  • Land Claims Court
  • Arbitration tribunals
  • The Labour Court
  • The Competition Tribunal
  • The Tax Court
  • and more ….

If you are in the Gauteng area we will collect the documents from you.  Otherwise we make use of reliable courier services.  Once we are in possession of the documents we will furnish a quotation within 48 hours. Should you not accept our quotation, your documents will be returned.

Be assured of our best service at all times!

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Information & Specifications

Appeal Documents

  • We strictly adhere to the rules and requirements of the relevant court, Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Appeal or local Divisions
  • Clear document descriptions on every page
  • Secure binding by means of a thermal binding process

Recording & Transcription

  • All recordings are done by means of a digital recording device.
  • A digital copy of the recording can be supplied immediately.
  • Transcriptions are done in MS Word in the following format:
    • A4 Page size
    • Double spacing
    • Arial 12 point
    • 25 lines per page
  • Transcriptions can be made available in electronic format.
  • Transcriptions will be completed in an agreed time period depending on their urgency:
    • Non urgent: 7 – 14 days
    • Urgent: 48 hours
    • Overnight: 24 hours

Our Tariffs

Various tariffs apply depending inter alia on the following:

Appeal Documents

  • Time available for preparation of the record
  • Quality of the original documents
  • Urgency

Recordings and/or transcription

  • Time and date when recording is required
  • Quality of recordings not done by ourselves
  • Nature and urgency of work

We would be pleased to supply a quotation for your specific needs on request via e-mail or fax.

We assure you of outstanding service at all times!

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Cell: 082 565 3797